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Dr. Goel Plaesthetica is your one-stop destination for all your aesthetic needs. Our clinic, a trusted establishment with a 32 year legacy, proudly offers a comprehensive range of services in eye care, dental treatments, skin and hair solutions, plastic surgery, cosmetology, and obesity management.

With a team of renowned specialists in each field, we are committed to provide exceptional care and helping you achieve
your aesthetic goals.

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We Provide

Complete head to toe aesthetic solutions for you

Skin (Laser Hair Removal)

Reveal your radiance with our rejuvenating skin treatments.

Ears (Ear Lobe Repair Surgery)

Enhance your ears with expert cosmetic procedures for a balanced appearance.

Eyes (Cataract & Glaucoma)

Restoring vision and preserving eye health with advanced care and expertise.

Eyelids (Oculoplasty)

Transforming your eyes with specialized procedures for rejuvenation and functional enhancement.

Eyebrows (Botox Fillers)

Define your brows and frame your face with expertly shaped eyebrows.

Lips (Lip Lift)

Achieve fuller, more sensual lips with our lip augmentation and enhancement treatments.

Carbon Facial

Rejuvenate your skin and achieve a radiant complexion with this innovative procedure.

Chin (Double Chin)

Achieve a sculpted jawline and a more defined profile with targeted procedures.

Face (Thread Lift)

Lift and tighten sagging skin for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance

Hydra Facial

Hydrate, exfoliate, and revitalize your skin for a radiant and rejuvenated glow.

Female Breast (Breast Reduction Surgery)

Enhance your feminine beauty with personalized breast procedures for a natural look.

Male Breast (Nipple Reduction)

Address gynecomastia and achieve a masculine chest contour with tailored treatments.

Male Genitalia (Penile Lengthening)

Restore confidence and rejuvenate male genitalia with specialized procedures.

Female Genitalia (Labia Plasty)

Enhance comfort and aesthetics with personalized treatments for female genital rejuvenation.

Weight Loss Treatments (Liposuction)

Achieve your weight loss goals with personalized treatment plans and expert guidance.

Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Enhance your natural beauty with precise and personalized rhinoplasty procedures.

Hair/Scalp (Hair Transplant)

Regain a full and healthy head of hair with our advanced hair restoration solutions.

Cosmetic Dentistry (Implants & Braces/ Aligners)

Enhance your smile with our advanced dental implant and orthodontic solutions.

Forehead (Vampire Facial)

Harness the power of your own blood to rejuvenate and renew your skin.

Teeth (Black Gums Correction)

Restore your smile s natural beauty with our Black Gums Correction treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry (Pyorrhoea Surgery)

Restore oral health with our effective implant and periodontal disease treatments.

Scar Removal

Regain smooth and flawless skin with our advanced scar treatment solutions.

Skin (LHR, Beard Lining)

Achieve precise beard lining with our effective Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Skin (Mole Removal)

Achieve precise beard lining with our effective Laser Hair Removal treatment

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dr. Goel Plaesthetica offers a wide range of skin treatments including acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation correction, and anti-aging procedures.
    Yes, Dr. Goel Plaesthetica provides comprehensive treatment plans that may include a combination of procedures to address multiple concerns depending upon the procedures.
    Absolutely, all procedures at Dr. Goel Plaesthetica are performed by highly skilled and experienced surgeons and specialists who are experts in their respective fields.
    Dr. Goel Plaesthetica offers a range of cosmetic dentistry services including perioplastic surgeries, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and smile makeovers.
    Yes, the clinic offers personalized weight loss treatments that include surgical and non-surgical options, liposuction as well as guidance from nutritionists and fitness experts.
    Yes, Dr. Goel Plaesthetica provides advanced hair transplant procedures to address hair loss and restore natural hair growth, including the latest treatments like DHI etc.
    Yes, a consultation is essential to assess & diagnose your specific needs, discuss your desired outcomes, and develop a customized treatment plan.
    Safety is paramount. Our clinic adheres to strict protocols and advanced technologies for secure procedures.
    It is recommended to check with the clinic regarding insurance coverage as it may vary depending on the specific procedure and insurance provider.

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